Monthly Archives: April 2023

Sidama malaria surveillance project

The work aims to improve malaria surveillance and thus help health authorities reduce malaria. The study will enhance locally relevant evidence-based initiatives and inform Ethiopia’s malaria prevention and control efforts.

The local Ministry of Health and Hawassa University researchers collaborate on the project. Dr Tarekegn Solomon from Hawassa University is the lead investigator, and PhD students Misganu Endriyas and Teka Samuel from the Ministry of Health. Dr Taye Gari and Professor Bernt Lindtjørn are researchers.

Data collectors’ practical training is shown below.

Start of malaria prevetion trial in Arba Minch

A few days ago, the Malaria research group in Arba Minch met with the official community leaders. They had a stimulating conversation with the chairman and officials of 14 kebeles, representatives from the two district agricultural and human health offices, officials from the zonal health and agriculture department, and managers of the health centres. There were 23 people present during the meeting. The leaders advised that further consultations should include neighbourhood organisations and religious leaders, which will be done in the coming weeks.