Previous collaboration

The history of Norwegian support to southern Ethiopia started with the work of the Norwegian Lutheran Mission. Here are two publications explaining some historical elements before the university collaboration started.

Lindtjørn B. The role of a mission organisation in building a sustainable government hospital in Southern Ethiopia. Christian Journal for Global Health. 2020;7(2):133-46.

Lindtjørn B, Henriksen TH. The experience of mission hospitals in southern Ethiopia in identifying and responding to infectious disease outbreaks. Christian Journal for Global Health. 2020;7(4):3-13.

This table shows our university-to-university research collaboration over the last thirty years, from 1994 – the present.

The funding of research projects was from The NUFU programme, the Quota programme, The Research Council of Norway, and various Norad-supported projects, including Norhed.

Some information about the ideas behind the Senuph-I project is found at:

Lindtjørn B, Tadesse M, Loha E. Developing a sustainable PhD programme: Experiences from southern Ethiopia. In: Halvorsen T, Orgeret K, Krøvel R, editors. Sharing Knowledge, Transforming Societies The Norhed Programme 2013–2020. Cape Town, South Africa: African Minds; 2019. p. 442-56.