This page will inform you about preprints originating from our research. These are articles that have not yet been peer-reviewed. After they have been published in a Journal, they will be removed from this list.

Aschenaki Zerihun Kea, Bernt Lindtjorn, Achamyelesh Gebretsadik Tekle, Sven Gudmund Hinderaker. Southern Ethiopian skilled birth attendant variations and maternal mortality: a multilevel study of a population-based cross-sectional household survey. doi:

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Kea AZ, Lindtjorn B, Gebretsadik A, Hinderaker SG. Reduction in maternal mortality ratio varies by district in Sidama Regional State, southern Ethiopia: Estimates by cross-sectional studies using the sisterhood method and a household survey of pregnancy and birth outcomes. medRxiv; 2022.

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