Student research topics

The following is an overview of the research topics that MSc students have chosen:


Five students were admitted, and are doing there research work on the following research topics

  • Malaria vectors biting and resting behaviours, and insecticide susceptibility status in Sille village, south Ethiopia-ongoing
  • The impact of screening doors and windows on entomological indices in malaria hot spot sites of Dilfana and Kulfo kebeles in Arba Minch town, southwestern Ethiopia: a randomised trial-ongoing
  • Variation in malaria incidence and infectivity rates of vectors along the altitudinal gradients in Dirashe Woreda, South Ethiopia-ongoing
  • Prevalence of cattle ticks and acaricides efficacy in Chano village of Arba Minch Zuria Woreda, southern Ethiopia-ongoing
  • Malaria and traditional irrigation in Amaro–not started


Nine students have completed their course-works, and have identified the following research topic:

  •  Ivermectin and control of malaria vector in relation to changing vectors behaviour–selected
  • Evaluation of routine IRS vs standard IRS in community (residual effect, chemical analysis), IRS and feeding behaviour of vectors –selected (at least two students will work)
  • Cutaneous leishmaniasis, the distribution of sand flies and hyrax vs caves
  • Wall lining and malaria vector control (we need more support and other collaborating institutes) –selected
  • Geographic variation of malaria vector species composition and infection rate–selected
  • House modification and malaria vector control
  • Tick and efficacy of Ivermectin and other acaricides
  • Plants and malaria vector control (thermal expulsion and smoking study in the field)
  • Evaluating the protective efficacy of existing housing structure and identifying the risk factors (we need more support and other collaborating institutes)–selected

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